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Interested in amateur radio?  Why not join us at the next club meeting?

Don't have a radio license?  Not a problem - you are still welcome to join us to ask questions about the hobby.  If you are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator, we can help.  The LARC even has an in-house Volunteer Examiner Team to facilitate your desire to become a ham.

Just passing through Lakeland?  Be sure to tune in to our repeater and announce your station when passing through Polk County.  Our repeater is open and we welcome everyone!

Already a licensed ham?  Please consider joining our weekly LARC 2m / Trader's Net, hosted on the K4LKL repeater.

Need more information?  You can contact us, send us an email, or just drop into one of our monthly meetings.

Interested in upcoming or recent club activities?  Check out our blog!

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For club communication:
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